Wanderlust in 3:

Amount of players:
3 players in minimum of 2 groups

It’s basically a board game shaped like a map, having the continents drawn on the board. There will be objects and clues in each continent in order to relate what the player have to the countries. Each group will have to pick a continent in order to figure out the country with the representing clues and objects handed relating to the chosen continent. The clues and objects will be hints that will represent a specific country and the first group to collect the most clues that has to do with the country in the chosen continent within the given time limit, will be able to access the next country with their relating clues like figuring out the most famous food or activity in that particular country. The purpose of the game is for each group to try to collect as much information as they can and to relate them in order to have an idea of what the country will be with the solved clues.